Sparta's battle score over the course of its history is actually quite bad, even compared to other Greek city states. Athens is probably better overall, and of course Rome and Alexander are just so ahead...


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Great stuff.

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Minor question:

Isn't Unternehmen Theseus the opening action in january, resulting in British withdrawal to Tobruk.

And the battle of Gazala in may part of Unternehmen Venezia. Or am I wrong?

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Impressive work! Please, allow me the following correction:

"Greek warriors were almost exclusively outfitted as heavy infantry called hoplites (after their equipment, which were called hoplon)"

The Hoplon was the circular shield which gave the name to the bearing it soldier - the hoplite.

"Above all, the one iconic symbol and piece of equipment of the Greek hoplite was the hoplite shield. Called the hoplon in the Classical Age Greece, it has also been regarded as the most distinguishable part of the hoplite (see Ferrill 1985, 101). Original hoplite shields would traditionally be constructed out of carved wood, that is until the Spartans completely encased their shields in bronze in 425 B.C. (see Ferrill 1985, 101). Crucial to the hoplite shield design was the concave, “bowl shape” of the shield. On the inside of the shield was a form of “double grip”. The porpax was the strap in the center of the shield that a hoplite would rest his forearm in. The antilabe was a grip on the outside of the shield in which a hand could grasp."


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Extremely interesting read! Enjoyed every moment. Will be subscribing!

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Very interesting read. Glad paywalling was lifted.

(Very minor tipo /Manstein’s Crimean campaign):

by concentration a substantial portion of the Luftwaffe’s assets on small sector .

by *concentrating* a or by concentration *of* a

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Holy Moly.....this is some serious reading material, but I think I have something to offer up.


It is about a study done on boys in puberty - it was a study never should of been done you want my opinion, but the study was done, and it is telling. In many way.

Posted with respect, and so out of respect let me read the whole article before posting any more comments.



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